Does anyone know how to keep Cyrillic text from resetting subsequent Latin text to 10 point? For the second time, I’ve been unable to keep a very short and pedestrian bit of Russian from fucking up the rest of the post and making the aesthetics look even shittier than usual. Is WordPress trying to force us to write in English?

I could research ways to troubleshoot this glitch through WordPress’s help tutorials, but I have better ways to waste my time. So if any of y’all (which is evidently a grand total of 22 of y’all on my busiest day) have any idea of how to fix this, feel free to give me some pointers in the comments.

Or feel free to throw in a completely irrelevant Putinism; if Vova ever tops his line about our religiously pluralistic country where our specialists will chop off your junk such that it won’t grow back, I’ll be amazed. Or offer your crude thoughts on cannibals, inappropriate places to defecate for transgressive or mercenary purposes, or sexually deviant musicians with body image problems, financial troubles involving private amusement parks, pet giraffes, and pet cardiologists, so-called; I’ll be in no position to criticize you. Maybe you have an insightful proposal on how to revive America’s necrotic civic culture, or some gratuitous speculation about the sexual liaisons of your municipal elected officials, some of whom you might find inexplicably sexy; I’m game, because they’re probably up to worse than consensually boinking each other. Even if you’re just here to pimp your blog, go for it; I’ve done the same elsewhere, both with and without an invitation.

Still, I would like to figure out this Cyrillic glitch. I don’t have anything profound to say in Russian, but it’s a pain in the ass nonetheless. I’d also like to get a regular date with a stable chick, and maybe a house in West Adams with an orange tree and some cacti in the yard and space to discreetly keep a beehive or two. Ladies, I think you’ll have an easier time fulfilling the former request, but I have in mind girls I know, who probably aren’t reading this. Hooking up with strange women through a platform like this is just weird.

Spasibo bolshoi. I won’t even try to transliterate that bullshit.